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How to make a flower crown for your cat

Cats are noble beings above all of us, and they seem to know this fact well.

As cat lovers, we agree! And we also believe our kitty darlings deserve crowns to celebrate their royal status.

Let’s get smart and make your cat the crown it deserves. All you need is a bouquet of flowers, a little creativity, and a ribbon of flowers.

And if you’ve made a flower crown for your cat, make sure to share photos, as crown cats make some of the most divine images you’ll ever scroll!

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How to make a flower crown for your cat

With a handful of fresh or silk flowers and some lush greens, you can make your cat’s own crown.

If you go for the tougher variety of fresh flowers, make sure the flowers you choose are non-toxic to cats. Roses, sunflowers, violets, daisies, asters, baby breath, and marigolds are good choices for a corolla that is cat-proof. Most ferns also make good, safe green choices. Just know, your work will be trickier when you use live flowers.

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Materials needed

  1. Floral wire
  2. Flower ribbon
  3. wire cutter
  4. scissors
  5. About 20 silk or fresh flower blossoms with stems
  6. Silk or fresh green stems

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Instructions for making a flower crown for your cat

  1. Measure the diameter around your cat’s head with a loose but secure fit. Make sure the ears are included in the measurement as the crown sits outside of the ears.
  2. Cut a piece of wire a few inches longer than your cat’s head and secure overlapping ends with the flower ribbon.
  3. Cover the entire clincher with a layer of flower ribbon.
  4. Your first layer should be soft green as this is the part that rests on your cat’s head. Place the handle piece by piece against the wire and wrap it with adhesive tape. Repeat this process until you have a green plush base.
  5. Now collect a selection of flowers into a small group. Glue the bouquet together on the stems. Make several bunches but leave a few individual flowers to fill in later.
  6. Secure each bundle to the crown by gluing the stems onto the wire. Take the time to place it using a discerning eye. Keep in mind that over time, packaging may become more difficult as you work to secure the flowers in the green that has already been glued on.
  7. Once the flower bunches are secured, fill them in with individual blooms wherever the crown appears sparse.
  8. Cut off any excess flower stems and tape.
  9. Place the flower crown on your cat’s head and reach for your camera. You’re about to take some magical cat pictures!

Beautiful cats wearing flower crowns

These photos are great inspiration for your crown making!

“Little Flower Prince”

@ princepeachblossom / Instagram

Ready for summer in a flower crown

@ timeywhimeyjedi / Instagram

Cute tuxedo kitten in a rainbow crown

@ Roweomalley / Instagram

“The crowing glory under the bluebells”

@ ashby_the_aristocat / Instagram

“When cats and flower crowns combine”, there is beauty to see …

@ leo.mainecoon / Instagram

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