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Half the size of what it should be, kitten is determined to live a full life after being found without a mother

A little kitten, half the size for its age, is determined to live a full life.


A litter of kittens was brought to FosterBabyCats, a Columbus, Ohio kitten rescue facility after they were found abandoned by the mother cat.

The Good Samaritan who discovered her waited a week for the mother to return, but it was unsuccessful. One of the kittens named Piper was only half the size of his siblings.

“After this week all kittens came to the rescue. Piper had aspiration pneumonia and immediately started taking antibiotics. I also noticed a swelling in his paws,” said Jillian of FosterBabyCats Love Meow. “I specialize in orphaned newborns because unfortunately it’s such an overlooked group (in shelters).”


Jillian began bottle feeding and complementary grooming around the clock to help boost the kittens’ immune systems and get them back on their paws.

Despite all the odds, Jillian was next to the kittens, fighting for their lives. In the first three weeks Piper was only the size of a palm and much smaller than his littermates.


In between feedings, the kittens spent most of their time napping in the comfort of their incubator (which helps regulate their body temperatures).

After many sleepless nights and intensive care by the foster mother, four of the five kittens pulled through and began to thrive.

Piper, the smallest of the litter, is a fighter to be reckoned with.


The smallest kitten had lagged behind in development, so Jillian stepped up the feeding for the little guy and showered him with love all day. Sweet Piper rolled over on his back to rub himself after getting a full stomach.

He’s always in a good mood and so happy to be looked after. The affectionate little baby is very attached to his foster family.


Piper was treated for a mild eye infection and swelling in his paws. The little warrior kitten is healing well and has made incredible progress.

As soon as he figured out his legs, he began to play and wrestle with his littermates and really stood his ground. “Piper is still a lot shorter than his siblings, but he’s a tough little guy,” said Jillian.


Piper thrives in grooming and has finally reached a growth spurt. In just two weeks, the little kitten really got a big appetite.


The little bundle of joy enjoys every moment with its foster mother. He learns how to eat alone like a champion and gets more playful and wild every day.

Check out Piper the kitten and his journey in this cute video:

Piper the kitten www.youtube.com

“He’s always been super cute and a little clingy – he definitely loves his people,” shared Jillian with Love Meow.


“Now he likes to jump around and play with his siblings. He’s still smaller, but he can definitely keep up!”

Piper, the mighty little kitten, likes to scurry through his nursing room, create mischief and live life to the full.


The tiny rest of the litter has turned into an adorable, plump kitten. He may still be small, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality.


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