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Free 2021 Detection Dog Calendar from TSA

Every year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) publishes an annual calendar to honor their explosives detection dogs from across the country. For the first time TSA is making the TSA Dog Calendar 2021 available to the public.

TSA trains each of its explosives detection dogs at the TSA Canine Training Center at the San Antonio – Lackland Joint Base in San Antonio, Texas. The TSA National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program is considered the “Center for Excellence” for training dogs in explosives detection and is the Department of Homeland Security’s largest dog program for detective detection.

Around 300 dogs complete the training every year. Each canine recruit spends 16 weeks training where they meet their handlers, socialize to adapt to busy airport environments, and learn how to detect a variety of explosive smells before reporting to their duty stations.

Each dog and its handler serve as a reliable resource for detecting explosives, as well as a visible terrorism deterrent against various types of transportation hubs. Once on duty, these canines will protect passengers and cargo in the country’s transportation systems.

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This year’s TSA Dog Calendar 2021 features fun facts and great photos of around 13 dedicated dogs selected from dozens of submissions submitted by dog ​​teams across the agency to help TSA celebrate National Dog Day in August. This year’s selection of dogs for the calendar was made by airports such as Chicago Midway International Airport, Dulles International Airport, and Sacramento International Airport. TSA has more than 1,000 dog treatment teams deployed nationwide to support safety and screening efforts. The explosives detection dog teams inspect passengers and all areas in and around terminals. They are so effective at their work that other law enforcement agencies, both public and private, often seek their assistance on similar security missions.

In addition to making this year’s calendar available to the public as a PDF file, TSA will celebrate the calendars selected for this year’s dog calendar on its social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on the Explosives Detection Canine Program, visit the TSA website.

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