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Fluffy kitten came around and discovered joy through family after life on the farm

A fluffy kitten found on a farm with his sister really came by when he discovered joy in a nursing home.

Tails from foster kittens

A pair of kittens were found on a New Hampshire farm and taken to the Monadnock Humane Society for a better life. They were very shy and quickly sought refuge on arrival.

Connie (of Tails from the Foster Kittens), who is a volunteer with the Humane Society, brought her home with open arms. She created a safe haven for the kittens (peanut butter and jelly) to settle down and decompress in hopes that they would muster enough courage to head out and explore.

The fluffy kitten peanut butter was slowly emerging from its shell. He was very curious and couldn’t resist all the new toys and smells around him. His sister Jelly hid close behind him as if she wanted to use him as a shield.

Tails from foster kittens

Connie brought Jelly something good to gain her trust, but only to be interrupted by peanut butter, who insisted on having her share of the leak first.

“Peanut butter quickly came to the joys of scratching his chin and scratching his back, but he still hesitates in new situations,” Connie told Love Meow.

Tails from foster kittens

“His sister is very scared of people and in an attempt to make friends, I broke out the almighty baby meat food that no kitten can resist to win her over. Peanut butter dipped into the head the first time I sniffed it.”

Every time Connie tries to build trust in Jelly, the curious little brother comes running and wants to offer a helping paw, on condition that he is paid with treats.

Tails from foster kittens

The wolf-like kitten gains confidence every day and its energy rubs on its sister.

Peanut butter and jelly spent their first few days in their “den” in a bathroom, reluctant to explore new areas. As the little brother got bolder and more curious, he began to step out of his comfort zone.

Tails from foster kittens

When everyone was asleep, Peanut Butter made her way to the spacious care room next to the bathroom. His shy sister quietly followed his lead.

Slowly but surely, Peanut Butter was enjoying being in a large room where he could jump around freely and play like a kitten.

Tails from foster kittens

It can take time for jelly to be safe enough to sneak around during the day. Her brother Peanut Butter has fully inspected the kitty room and appears to have given its seal of approval by playing with toys and climbing the scratching posts.

Check out peanut butter and jelly in this cute video:

Fluffy Kitten Peanut Butter www.youtube.com

He is getting bolder, bolder and louder every day.

Tails from foster kittens

Today Peanut Butter reached another milestone by entering Connie’s office / sewing room to offer a helping paw.

Tails from foster kittens

The fluffy kitten has come a long way and learned to enjoy the company of its foster family.

It has evolved into a cuddly beetle equipped with an adorable cord motor.

Tails from foster kittens

“Peanut butter is braver than jelly among people, purrs fast and likes to play,” said Connie.

“Jelly is quite reluctant around me and keeps telling me I’ll never reach her, but I’ve already seen progress.”

Tails from foster kittens

“I’m sure she will trust in time. Peanut butter often checks on his sister when I visit her, which is super cute.”

Tails from foster kittens

The fluffy kitten loves its VIP life as a house cat. He continues to help his sister gain trust while walking around the house as if he owns it.

Tails from foster kittens

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