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Experts call for proper mask disposal after the dog almost dies while eating

I know in the middle of a pandemic, the last thing you need is something else to worry about. But this is part of a habit that you need to develop while mask wearing is still required. It can only save your dog’s life.

An abandoned Boston rescue dog named Gibbs learned the hard way what happens when you chew on a discarded face mask. The 7-year-old Schnauzer mix was found in an abandoned house with several other dogs. The Boston Animal Rescue League took him for veterinary treatment.

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Gibbs’ x-rays showed nasal wires from two discarded paper masks causing a “life-threatening blockage”. Fortunately, he was operated on just in time. Doctors successfully removed the mask.

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The little guy is in ARL’s care while he’s recovering. Once he gains more weight, Gibbs will be up for adoption, according to the ARL.

Proper disposal of the mask can prevent this

Have you ever noticed your puppy trying to smell your mouth, especially after you’ve eaten? Think about how you breathe bad breath into your mask all day long. The smell of a discarded mask could appeal to an animal that can swallow it.

In a statement, the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association said:

“Masks can smell of food and attract pets and wildlife. Animals ingesting these items may experience upset stomach, blockages, or worse. “

In general, it should be routine to hide your trash and other trash in a securely closed container. As dog people, we know how good our dogs are at breaking into things. Especially things we don’t want them to get involved with. Unfortunately, these naughty browsing missions can be fatal for our pups.

The ARL warns:

“These items can cause massive stomach upset or blockages, and the metal nasal wire in masks can cause a variety of health problems, including sepsis, which if left untreated can prove fatal.”

Dogs don’t have to wear masks

While canine coronavirus disease exists, all evidence shows that it is different from the strain that affects us. Dogs cannot infect humans and vice versa. The primary mode of transmission for coronavirus in dogs is through consumption of feces. Hope you try anyway, but keep your puppy away from abandoned piles.

Putting a mask on your dog will only irritate them and they will likely remove it like a regular old costume piece.

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