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Dog takes shy kittens under her wing and shows them courage after they are found in the back yard

A cute dog took a pair of shy kittens under her wing and showed them love and courage.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Two kittens, approximately 10-12 weeks old, were found in the same backyard in New York City last month. They were very shy and did not get near people. Rescuers set some humane traps in hopes of getting them to safety.

After much effort, they got the kittens a week apart and took them to the Manhattan Animal Care Centers in NYC for a better life.

Asa, a MACC volunteer, didn’t hesitate to help when she heard that the kittens needed a foster home. Her 7-year-old dog Kona was expecting new foster babies.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Kona had been kitten free for a few days since her last carers left forever. “After watching sad little Kona scurrying around for three days, we finally had to turn her frown on her head,” Asa shared with Love Meow.

Blair, a beautiful Torbie cat, was very shy when she arrived. The kitten had had little human contact her entire life and had no desire to interact with people, but Kona seemed to know exactly what she needed.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Kona grabbed the carrier and was eager to meet the new kitten. She followed Blair around and insisted on bathing them and cuddling. The shy little cat was quickly overcome by the tender, loving care.

As much as her instincts told her to run away and hide, she stayed and soaked up all the love her canine friend gave.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

It wasn’t long before Blair started rumbling her adorable purr and even tried to comfort Kona like she was mom.

The next day, Blair’s brother Chester arrived at his nursing home. The ginger boy needed a lot of socialization. He stayed locked in the porter and was too scared to come out. Needless to say, Kona came to his rescue.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

She quickly ran over to the new kitten and went straight into the carrier to cuddle with him. She leaned against Chester as if to reassure him that he was safe.

“I have no idea how Kona keeps winning this kitten over. She has the magic touch,” Asa told Love Meow.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

With Kona’s help, both kittens slowly emerged from their shells. They had enough courage to go to their foster mother while Kona was with them and cheering them on.

Check out Kona and her foster kittens in this cute video:

Kona and her foster kittens www.youtube.com

The three have slept together in a cuddly puddle since then.

Although the kittens are still a bit shy, they feel safe and loved with Mama Kona by their side.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Kona came to Asa as a carer when she was rescued along with her three pups.

The cute dog found her at Asa’s home forever and was an avid mother to every foster kitten that comes through her door.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Blair and Chester are slowly becoming more confident as Kona encourages them to play and try new things.

Sweet Torby enjoyed being petted and even returns love by licking her human’s hand.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Kona couldn’t be more proud to see how happy her new babies are and shower them with love every day.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Even the shyest kittens can’t resist Mama Kona’s love.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

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