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Do i have fish? Kick It With Fritz FixIck

Fritz FixIck is a revolutionary new method for treating external water parasites such as Ick, Chilodonella, Trichodina and Tetrahymena. As one of the most common diseases most aquarists will encounter, it can be difficult to find a simple, safe, and highly effective ick treatment.

Fritz FixIck does not contain formaldehyde, a common ingredient in many Ick treatments. Formaldehyde damages the gills and internal organs, which can lead to additional stress and fish loss.

One of the active ingredients in Fritz FixIck is gentian violet, which gives it a recognizable purple hue. This compound is much gentler than malachite green-based treatments. Fritz FixIck has also been shown to improve previous treatments and effectively kill Ick parasites with a simple 2-dose system without re-infection after a week.

Due to the additional antibacterial and antifungal properties of Fritz FixIck, secondary infections were also prevented without additional medication, which led to even higher recovery rates.

Instructions & dosage

Before Dispensing: Set the temperature to 82-85 ° F. This speeds up the parasite’s life cycle and ensures maximum exposure to the treatment. Remove all chemical filtrations (carbon, ion exchange resins) before use. Turn off protein skimmers before treatment. Resumption of use after completion of treatment.

If possible, do not change the water during treatment. If water changes are required, treat replacement water with FixIck. May stain some ornaments, if affected remove before dispensing.

Treatment: Shake well before each dose. A full treatment takes six days. If fish do eat, feed them lightly during treatment.

Day 1: Add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons
Day 2: Add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons
Day 3: Perform a 25 to 30% water change
Day 4: Add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons
Day 5: Add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per 10 gallons
Day 6: Perform a 25 to 30% water change.

If necessary, you can have a second six-day treatment. If no further symptoms are observed, replace chemical filtration and continue using protein skimmers, as well as normal feeding. Set the temperature back to normal.

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