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Cheap and healthy food for Indian street dogs

Feeding the stray dogs outside your home is a virtue in itself. You can see the gratitude in their eyes as you fill their stomachs with these gentle souls. One great thing about street dogs is that they are as keen and alert as the western dog breeds.

There is much debate about the ideal food to give stray dogs. Street dogs may have healthy immune systems, but you won’t be able to feed them what you want.

Foods laden with sugar can cause the dog’s blood levels to drop and liver failure to occur. Likewise, vegetables like onions and garlic are highly toxic to dogs because they can destroy their red blood cells.

If you are thinking of feeding them premium food, be aware that they are expensive and also may not be liked by the dogs. This is because strays generally live on simple foods and may refuse foods with complex ingredients.

To remove all kinds of doubts, we’re going to discuss all of the foods that are healthy and budget-friendly to feed the strays outside. So let’s start with that.

1) Affordable Branded Dog Food

If you want to feed the packaged foods from stray dogs, you can look for budget brands like Smartheart, Pedigree, Drools, etc. The foods from these brands are very nutritious and do not contain any artificial fillers. The great thing about them is how cheap they are compared to other brands, yet still meet the dog’s nutritional needs.

These two are among the leading pet food brands that pioneered the creation of affordable dog food.

2) chapati dipped in milk

Street dogs enjoy chapatis dipped in milk. Although various theories have suggested that chapati may be allergic to dogs, the street dogs seem to enjoy it with no problem. The milk taste attracts almost all dogs.

Before feeding, make sure the chapatis are fresh and do not contain ghee. It’s because dogs aren’t that good at saturated fats. Simple chapatis can be ideal for them.

3) milk and water (for puppies)

If you see stray puppies outside, you can give them milk diluted with water. The reason for this is that milk is diluted with water because dogs have different levels of lactose intolerance. With a little water, it becomes safe for the street dogs to eat.

You can contact grocery stores that may have milk before the expiration date. They may be more than willing to give you nominal prices.

4) Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are one of the best foods to feed stray dogs. They are a rich source of protein and will help build good muscle mass and strength in dogs. You will be surprised that almost all dogs are happy to eat the boiled eggs when you bring them in front of you. There are hardly any dogs there who don’t like eggs.

Please make sure that the eggs you are feeding are boiled and not raw. Prolonged feeding of raw eggs can prevent the body from absorbing biotin.

5) biscuits (tasteless and sugar free)

Cookies without sugar can be safe for dogs. Many people feed the stray biscuits laden with refined sugar, which can harm the dog’s health. Look for cheap dog biscuits that are made solely for the canines. They consist of ideal ingredients that are easier for dogs to digest.

Remember that cookies are just snacks for them and should not be replaced with regular meals.

6) Leftovers

There may be a lot of leftover rice and meat every day in the local restaurants near your home. They can be bought at a very low price and later fed to the dogs. Many butcher shops have the scrap meat of the slaughtered animal on a daily basis, mainly known as “Chhaant” in Hindi. This is because when buying food, most of the customers throw away many of the animal’s organs and skin and the owners still have to throw them away.

If you manage to get these foods it will be a big festival for the street dogs.

7) fish and rice

Like the butchers, many fish sellers reject many parts of the fish as waste. You can approach them and even get these parts for free. When feeding the dogs, be sure to separate the bones as they can get stuck in the dog’s throat.

It is great to cook the fish before offering it to the stray, as raw fish is made up of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria. These bacteria can make the dog sick, although they can be eliminated by cooking.


We appreciate the fact that you want to feed the stray dogs around you. They are the ones who rely on humans to survive. The foods mentioned above are not only cheap but also very nutritious.

Before unsubscribing, we would also like to emphasize the importance of adopting stray puppies. Not only do these dogs have strong immunity, they also protect their family. It would be great if you could shelter the friendly animals.

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