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Chained dog suffers horrific death in the brutal heat of Houston

Someday we’ll know better Humans will no longer chain dogs in backyards with no shade, protection, or water. Dogs no longer die and gasp when they overheat to death. Unfortunately that day did not come. A dog in Houston just experienced this horrific, gruesome, and totally preventable death.

Image screenshot of Harris County Precinct One Constable / Facebook office

The neighbor notices the dog panting and in distress

The Houston SPCA received a call from an affected neighbor. The caller sent a video of a dog chained to a heavy weight outside in the brutal Houston summer heat. The video showed a dog that was clearly in need. The dog gasped and was handcuffed in the open sun with no food, water or protection from the heat.

Houston Summers are similar to saunas

If you’ve never been to Houston this summer let me paint a picture for you. I was born there and have spent at least 25 full summers of my life in and around Houston. It is hot. Temperatures rise well over 100 degrees and the sun is relentless. In addition, it is damp. Really damp. How to compete with the rainforest, humid. Your body will be drenched in sweat almost instantly when you step outside.

Houston feels just like a sauna in summer. The air is thick and hot. You roll down the windows and it feels like you are aiming a huge hairdryer in the face. People and pets die in numbers in their homes every year from lack of air conditioning. Staying outside in Houston in the summer with no protection from the sun or water is a death sentence. Dogs just can’t gasp hard enough to keep up. This poor pup is evidence of that fact.

Animal abuse officers called to the scene

The Houston SPCA reported the video and called them Harris County Precinct One Constable’s Office dispatching animal cruelty officers to the scene. They said, “The dog didn’t seem to have any shade, water or food.”

Authorities also reported that the dog’s internal temperature was 106.5 degrees when she arrived. The external body temperature of the pet was 122.9 degrees. Obviously a living being cannot survive when its body temperature gets that high.

Image screenshot of Harris County Precinct One Constable / Facebook office

Report the abuse of this and any kind to the police!

The Animal Cruelty Department is conducting an investigation. Once this is completed, the case will be referred to the Harris County Attorney’s Office. If you see signs of animal cruelty in Houston, the officer’s office urges you to report it to their staff Animal cruelty hotline at 832-927-1659.

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Featured Image Screenshot Harris County Precinct One Constable / Facebook

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