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CattyCorner: The whim of magic wand toys for cats

Greetings pawsome human minions.

Your cat friend Forrest comes here to share some important cat wisdom.

I’m on my way to take a nap in my chair on the porch. The sun is almost in the optimal position for warming the pillow and I’m really looking forward to a nap just after finishing a play session with my favorite feathered wands toy. But before diving into shrimp dreams, I thought I’d share my thoughts on wands with you.

Well, you might be thinking, whatever, magic wand toys for cats are all the same … a stick with a toy on a string. But no, in a cat’s eyes, the funky end of each wand is its own unique prey for jumping.

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And thanks to prey preference, which is a quirky term for what a cat loves to hunt, cats will never agree on which wand is best. Each of us will have a different favorite. For example, I’ve mentioned my mocking avian enemy in the past, so my loot preference tends to be for feather toys on the end of a wand. I have one of those nifty feather-light wands, and it’s a lot of fun. Until mom drapes the feathers around me and screams: “Forrest, you are so glamorous in your feather boa!”

But my favorite wand is the one with a simple tuft of feathers on the end of the string. It looks like a bird’s tail and it really triggers my wildcat switch. I am starting to think about that mockingbird and I just can’t help but the destruction that is afflicting these feathers.

Although I love these feathers, I get bored when mom pulls out the same wand every day. To mix it up, she has a few ready for me. There is the one with felt ropes that feel like a mouse between my paws. Another has ligaments that tremble and tremble. Our newest wand has a string full of crinkle balls and I love it, it’s so shiny and crispy!

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Don’t feel discouraged if your cat doesn’t like magic wand toys. Think about the types of toys that typically pique your cat’s interest and find a wand made from similar materials if she decides that the one you have is not worthy. If your cat is a hunter who is happy to bring you gifts for the hunt, then you should consider the type of prey it will provide. Their offerings can help you determine their loot preference for perfect wand collecting.

It might also be helpful to remember that cats have a tendency to observe things a minute before intervening. We take a minute to prepare for new things. Let’s look at the scene for a second when we introduce a new toy. Just because we don’t rush doesn’t mean we don’t watch.

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Tips for teasing with the Cat Wand

Think about how small animals move.

Rodents scurry wherever they go, fidgeting and jagging in short bursts and often pausing on their travels. At these stops, rats and mice generally have a quivering nature when sniffing the air around them. During my stay at the shelter, a volunteer was able to wiggle a mouse toy on a magic wand so well it looked just like the real deal.

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And when it comes to birds, they fly in wild patterns, but they generally fly smoothly through the sky. And that’s nice to look at, but let’s think about their smaller movements. When a cat is chasing a bird, the winged snacks usually hop across the grass or even flutter from branch to branch in the trees.

Let’s look at lizards, shall we? Stopping and starting these eye-catching green treasures can drive a cat crazy. And they can slip out of the clasped paws so quickly. Gone before we can try to get them back. I offer the kittens a head tip that can catch lizards every time. Those are some serious paw skills.

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With these thoughts in mind, try to mimic the smaller movements of small prey to maximize your kitten’s interest. These smaller movements generally pique a cat’s curiosity more than wild and thrashy falls and arches. Well, unless we’re talking about kittens and younger cats enjoying a silly joke.

But I’m an older man and I prefer to enjoy the subtle nuances of the hunt. Most older cats would prefer if you kept the wand movements smaller. We’re more cautious in general, but we still like a good game.

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But regardless of the age of your kitten, snacks are required after a play session with a wand toy.

So don’t forget to feed the cat.

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