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CattyCorner: In honor of Cat Lady Day, here are 5 reasons this cat loves its mom

Greetings, my paw-like human minions.

Forrest the cat here and come to you as a special vacation is approaching.

April 19th is Lady Cat’s Day, and in honor of this illustrious day, I admit I’m a mommy’s boy and proud of it.

You know why?

Because my mother cat does everything to keep me happy, healthy and full in my stomach. To honor her I say: How do I love you, mother, let me count the ways!

@ clawdiakiki / Instagram

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Cat Lady:

# 1 – My cat lady speaks my language

My mom may not be a native cat language speaker, and while that is clear, she is still trying to understand what I have to say. The respect she shows me is unmistakable thanks to her willingness to understand my needs. And because she treats me with dignity and knows that I am more than just an animal, I love her so much. And she says love shows in my eyes She’s right, she usually is, but don’t tell her I said that …

# 2 – My cat lady keeps me in good health

I may not care about visits to the vet, but my mom makes sure I go so I can maintain my feline excellence. You may remember that I recently reported about my urinary tract infection. But I didn’t have to languish in pain because Mom quickly recognized my discomfort. I offer her a lot of gratitude and love for her care in relation to my well-being, even if the vet is not my favorite place.

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If I mention health, I wouldn’t mention the litter box. A clean pan is the key to my happiness, which in turn affects my health. My mom knows this by sticking to the daily shovels, sometimes more, and fresh trash to keep foul smells offending my sensitive nose. Thank you mom for scooping up my poop.

# 3 – My cat lady accepts my natural instincts

My mother accepts my hunted gifts with such grace. I’ve long since learned that their promises to stew the lizards are only meant to calm me down. I know she commands my kills, but I appreciate her excitement. And I know people aren’t particularly fans of the dead, but I really have to thank my mom for her praise. In fact, all of the praise she gives me in kind words, hugs and kisses shows yet another example of why I love and appreciate her. I know she is my biggest fan, and as a cat, I appreciate knowing that I am in such a sublime place in her heart.

# 4 – My cat lady is giving me all the attention I crave

Cats have gained a reputation for restraint over the centuries. And while we do indeed have the option of giving two litter boxes less for most of what the rest of the world does, cats are still social beings. But on our own terms. And my mother accepted my terms with serenity.

@ Yungsimbax / Instagram

For the most part, she knows when I need cuddles and pets, and when I need time to myself. Her chin scratching skills are second to none and she can wiggle a magic wand toy like it’s nobody’s business. I’m her number one and she is beyond gracious when she gives me the attention cats need to be happy. Even if she sometimes gets extra fangirling with her Forrest. However, I forgive because I understand; I am a cat, I am amazing.

# 5 – My cat lady keeps me fed

Should I even bother explaining this? The quickest route to a cat’s heart is through the stomach, and my mother knows this rule well. My meals are no doubt served with exuberance and excellent service. I may complain that the snack dish is only half full, but I really appreciate the fact that I never get hungry. So many cats are doing it and I am grateful that there are no more worries. I love my mother for many reasons, most notably her dedication to feeding me.

@ ericalikescats / Instagram

And listen, ladies and gentlemen, just because we’re celebrating you doesn’t mean you can forget about your duties, so …

Don’t forget to feed the cat.

Feature Image: @ ericalikescats / Instagram

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