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Cat with irresistible smile hopes people will notice her while she waits for the dream home

A cat convinces people with its irresistible smile as it patiently waits for a forever home.

Priscilla the cat with a cute smile @ salemfosterkittens

A thinned tortoiseshell was found stray and taken to Salem Friends of Felines (Oregon) along with her newborn kittens. They were immediately placed in foster care with a volunteer to meet all of their needs.

Momma Priscilla (estimated to be seven years old) was very attentive and loving to her kittens, but eager for the affection of her human friends. “She would leave her babies for a while to be brushed and petted,” Kayla, Foster mom, told Love Meow.

After being treated for some health problems, the cute mother cat lay happily with her kittens in her clean, warm nest purring a storm. “She was such a good mother. She was always so happy and sweet.”

lactating cat mother, cute cat

Mother cat breastfeeds her kittens @ salemfosterkittens

When Priscilla noticed that Kayla was there to help her with her babies, she took more time to explore her new home.

She tried to inspect everything around her, sniffing and pawing around with so much curiosity. The cute cat reacted sweetest when she discovered her own reflection on a bathtub overflow plate.


It wasn’t long before Kayla noticed an endearing trait about Priscilla. The cat mom has a cute little grin on her face and lets her tongue hang out when she’s relaxed.

It turns out that she is missing a few teeth, but it doesn’t bother her in the least. She continues to be a ray of sunshine for everyone she meets.

cute cat, blep, cat tongue

Priscilla makes the perfect blep @ salemfosterkittens

Priscilla paid undivided attention to her kittens and made sure they were kept clean from head to toe. After weeks of care, the protective mother finally felt comfortable enough to let her kittens out of the nest on their own.

As the tabby babies grew by leaps and bounds, their personalities quickly emerged.

Mother cat watching over her kittens @ salemfosterkittens

The tortoiseshell began to seek more attention and pets from its foster mother as its kittens entered the feral phase.

“She liked to hold my hand,” added Kayla. “She makes some great cookies (kneading) and can be a purr machine.”

Cuddle, cute kittens, mother cats


After Priscilla had passed all of the feline skills on to her precious kittens, she was satisfied and ready to let her little ones spread their wings and fly.

She even discovered her inner kitten side and started playing more, enjoying being the center of attention.


“She’s so gentle even when she’s playing. She’s a lovely, cute, and loving cat,” shared Kayla.

Priscilla has an adorable, quirky personality that always makes people smile. Sometimes she relies on sitting like a small person. She has an amazing range of poses.

sitting cat, snaggletooth

Priscilla smiles at her foster mom @ salemfosterkittens

Priscilla is now available for adoption and is waiting for her dream home at Salem Friends of Felines (in Keizer, Oregon). She is happy when she receives visits from her human friends and greets them with her characteristic smile.

“She loves people and would like to relax with her people in a peaceful home forever.”

posing cat, funny cat


Priscilla has made some feline friends in the adoption hall and is hoping the right family will come soon.

Priscilla the cat is waiting for her forever home @ salemfosterkittens

She continues to give her perfect little beep to everyone she meets.

blep, cute cat


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