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Cat went to the right person for help so that their kittens could have better lives

A stray cat reached out to the right person for help so their kittens could have better lives.

Little Walkers NYC

Jen, a Little Wanderers NYC volunteer, received an urgent request for a pregnant stray cat found in a Bronx neighborhood. The future cat mother found herself in a difficult situation and urgently needed rescue.

Without hesitation, Jen hurried to the scene with a porter and some cat food. Shortly after arriving, she spotted a tabby cat with a big belly approaching her.

Jen set down a can of food for the kitten and the cute cat walked right up to it and devoured it.

Little Walkers NYC

The cat was so grateful that when Jen showed her the carrier, she rubbed her face all over the gate as if to say she was ready to go. She walked gently into the carrier and said goodbye to life on the street.

They called them free – free from hunger and free from fear. She was so pleased during her ride to the rescue. “We rushed in so this deserving mother could give birth in a warm house with tons of comfy blankets, tasty food and a birthing box,” said Little Wanderers.

Little Walkers NYC

Kaitlyn, a rescue group volunteer, stepped forward to help when she learned that Free needed a nursing home.

The expectant mother explored her new home before rolling onto her back as if she had been there all her life. The cute tabby felt right in her element and was so happy to be a house cat again.

Little Walkers NYC

“Free was just a kitten himself, less than a year old,” Kaitlyn said. “Despite some really tough encounters with people in her days as a stray cat, she’s so loving and trusting.”

About two weeks later, the mother’s tummy burst and five healthy newborns made it into this world with the help of the foster family. They were named for symbols of good luck – ladybug, jade, wishbone, acorn, and clover.

Little Walkers NYC

These happy kittens were comfortably born in a safe home and would never have to spend a day on the street. They were quickly introduced to clean, warm beds and received undivided attention from their loving mother.

Little Walkers NYC

Check out the little family in this cute video:

Care trip of the cat family www.youtube.com

Over the next few weeks the kittens bloomed into wild little ones, running around the room with their unbridled energy, doing all sorts of antics.

They went from little paddlers to skilled jumpers and climbers.

Little Walkers NYC

Momma Free began giving her babies more freedom to be independent as they grew tall and strong.

While her kittens were wrestling with each other, she began to get more attention from her people.

Little Walkers NYC

When the kittens were weaned and large enough to walk alone, Free officially withdrew from mother’s duties (neutered) and began acting like a kitten again.

She was ready to find a special family that she would love and appreciate and be the center of the attention she always wanted.

Little Walkers NYC

After months on the streets, Free got a new lease on life thanks to the kindness of the volunteers at Little Wanderers NYC. A few days ago she met the family of her dreams.

“She went home forever (10 days ago) and we have had nothing but cute pictures and anecdotes from her new owner since,” said Kaitlyn.

Little Walkers NYC

The cute tabby, now renamed KitKat, loves her VIP life – where she can get attention and cuddle when needed.

“We couldn’t be more excited when this love bug can finally live a comfortable, kitten-free life away from the streets.”

Little Walkers NYC

The five kittens are now ready for their next chapter in life – to find their own place.

While waiting for the perfect families to find their way, the kittens are busy honing their feline skills, wreaking havoc in the home, and providing endless entertainment for their foster family.

Little Walkers NYC

“They are sweet as pie and each of them has special personalities. They are ready to love you as much as you will love them,” wrote the rescue.

Little Walkers NYC

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