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Cat raised her only kitten and helped 3 orphaned babies, now hoping for dream home

A cat that raised its only kitten and helped three orphaned babies is now hoping for a place of its own.

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

Earlier this year, a stray cat and her kitten were taken to the Nashville Cat Rescue (a Nashville, Tennessee volunteer rescue) after being picked up from the streets.

The orange cat, about a year old, wrapped her only baby in her arms and tried to protect him. Nisa Konuma, a rescue volunteer, stepped in to promote them when she learned they needed shelter.

The mother cat, Bailey, was shy but grateful to have a roof over her head and a warm bed to nestle in with her kitten. The little singleton named Whiskey clung to his mother and groomed himself away.

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

The cute mother cat slowly emerged from her shell and began to relax when she realized that her foster family meant well.

A few days later, the kitten’s eyes cleared and opened wide. He became more energetic and began to make good use of his tiny legs. Mama Bailey watched him as he ventured out of the nest and waddled around.

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

At that time, three orphaned kittens came to the rescue to have better lives. They were in dire need of care, so Nisa took them home, hoping Mama Bailey would accept them.

The cute mother cat took her in and began to groom her along with her own. She tried to take care of them all while she was still getting used to indoor life. After a few days it became clear that Bailey needed help.

Mother cat, kitten, breastfeedingNisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

Nisa began to bottle-feed the orphaned kittens around the clock to relieve the mother cat. With Nisa’s help, Bailey could concentrate on breastfeeding her own baby and helping him thrive.

They worked as a team to care for all four small bundles of lint. Whiskey took in her new siblings and was so excited to have friends to play with.

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

As the kittens got bigger and more playful, Mama Bailey began to spend more time relaxing alone and getting some much-needed stuffed toys from her foster family.

“She is such a sweetheart and loves to be loved and is so graceful,” said Nisa.

Cat, kitten, cuddlingNisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

Bailey taught the kittens how to be a cat at night while everyone else was sleeping. She passed on all of her feline skills to them and prepared them for their growing up.

When the kittens were big enough to be adopted, they were quickly caught by good families. One by one they went to their eternal homes. Bailey officially retired from motherhood, hoping her loving family would come through the door soon.

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

Bailey likes to “help” her foster mother with work and play with the local cats. She is so happy to be in a safe home away from the elements and is getting more confident every day.

“She’s a headbumper and a belly massage lover. While shy at first, once she knows you’re a friend she’ll be a fun companion who plays like a little kitten,” shared Nashville Cat Rescue Love Meow .

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

“Retired mommy cats are some of the best cats there is. It’s like once they have weaned and neutered their kittens, they decide this is mommy’s time to shine and throw their love on you with no excuse and babysitting for a change. “

Every day, Bailey hopes that this perfect family will find her and bring her home. She is a cute cat who just needs a little understanding and patience.

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

“She’s going to need a family that can give her time to get out of her shell as she’s very shy. If she gets out of her shell, you’ll catch her playing like a kitten.”

It’s mom’s time to shine now!

Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat Rescue

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