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Cat kneads with happy paws when it finds family to help its kittens

A cat is so grateful to have found a family to help its kittens that it keeps kneading.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

A month ago, a rescued pregnant cat came to her nursing home in Melbourne, Australia to seek a better life. She was so grateful for a roof over her head and lots of good food within reach.

The expectant mother cat was very putty from the start. As soon as she stepped on a soft blanket, she started making the cutest “cookies” she kneaded while purring a storm. “She’s a total sweetheart, super loving, and has absolutely beautiful badges,” said Amber, a Hear No Evil volunteer caregiver.

They thought it would be a few more weeks before the little babies arrived, but a few days later Amber walked into the room to the surprise – the cute mother cat Pandora gave birth to a litter of four kittens.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

It was clear from the start that Mama Pandora needed help and guidance for her newborns. She was inexperienced in what to do. Amber walked in immediately, cleaned the babies, and placed them next to the mother so they could start breastfeeding.

“Thankfully, when the fourth baby arrived, she read the ‘How to Be a Mom’ memo and got to work. Now she’s a very happy girl taking care of her babies,” added Amber.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

Despite all efforts and careful care, the rest of the litter lost their fight. The rest of the kittens perked up and began to thrive.

“Cute Pandora is clueless when it comes to motherhood, but she’s total sweetheart and much more interested in making cookies and rolling around than watching the tiny creatures that have clung to her and won’t let go.”

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

The kittens eat butters, beans and banana like champs and stick to their mother for their dear life. With the help of the foster family, the trio gets bigger and stronger every day.

After Banana (the smallest of the three) received additional food, he almost caught up with his siblings and was able to assert himself in the wrestling.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

As soon as the kittens opened their eyes, they were eager to kick the paw out of its nest and explore. Pandora was attentive and tending to her little bundles of joys when her motherly instinct kicked in.

Check out Pandora and her kittens in this cute video:

Mother cat and her kittens www.youtube.com

The kittens really flowered in just a few weeks. Your eyes are wide open and you are looking, ready to take on the world.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

Momma Pandora waves her happy paws in the air every time Amber walks into the room. Nothing makes them happier than the company of their people.

This cute love bug never has to worry about a day on the street again and can spend all day kneading at will.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

Your kittens will learn to eat solid foods in the coming weeks. You are getting more curious and courageous every day.

Once weaned, cute Pandora will happily retire from motherhood once and for all.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

She will be looking for a loving home where she can be the center of attention and knead to her heart’s content.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

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