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Cat dotes on their only kitten in the foster home and so happy they will never be apart

A cute cat and her only kitten flourished together in foster care. They share an incredible bond.

Fox Foster Kittens

Two months ago, Rescue Cats of Florida took in a number of cats and kittens from a breeder that had been closed. They needed help from volunteers to nurture the kittens. Gucci, the pregnant minuet cat, and another cat joined Samantha Fox at Fox Foster Kittens.

“When I heard the Rescue Cats of Florida needed help, I offered space in my nursery,” said Samantha Love Meow.

The nascent ginger cat quickly settled down and was ready to be pampered. She especially enjoyed getting brushed and was pretty picky about food, just like any other diva.

Fox Foster Kittens

“She was about to give birth, her milk had already died. She has a strong-willed personality.”

A few days after his arrival, Gucci went into labor and had a surviving kitten named Versace. The little ginger (girl) immediately clung to her mother and merged with her long fur. “She’s absolutely stunning, just like her mother. She was a big kitten even for a regular cat (Gucci only weighs five pounds).”

Fox Foster Kittens

“Gucci and Versace have a super close bond. The kitten is always curled up under her mother’s tail or tucked right under her chin,” Samantha told Love Meow.

“She grew bigger and more beautiful every day and looked more like her mother.”

Fox Foster Kittens

The little ball of fur began to waddle on her legs when she was strong enough to stand. She became more and more curious about her surroundings and her cheeky demeanor really came through.

The mother cat was very protective of her baby and watched over her every step of the way.

Fox Foster Kittens

“She’s starting to try walking around on her tiny legs with her huge body and her tail looks like a Christmas tree just sticking out.”

Like mother, like daughter – Versace is a little diva herself.

Fox Foster Kittens

The kitten has grown into a fluffy, playful ball of energy and will run and hop and play with toys. Gucci always gives her kitten a thorough bath when she returns from playing.

The mother and daughter duo spent their first vacation time together.

Fox Foster Kittens

“She loves her baby like I’ve never seen a cat who loves her kitten. Their bond is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen,” said Samantha. “Versace clings very much to her mother and weeps when you take her away.”

When the mother hears her baby’s little meows, she will ask her to come back. As soon as she comes back, a bath is fine.

Fox Foster Kittens

Even though Versace is big enough to eat on her own, she still enjoys looking after her mother. She figured out how to use and care for the litter box by learning from the best.

The little kitten has gained weight and fluff. At eight weeks, the little Versace is fuzzy than ever and definitely the character.

Fox Foster Kittens

In a few weeks she will be ready to start a new chapter with her mother. Gucci will never have to go through pregnancy again (they will be neutered) and spend the rest of their lives with their precious baby to be pampered and loved.

“They have a pre-approved user who will give them a home forever and ever,” wrote Rescue Cats of Florida.

Fox Foster Kittens

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