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Cat and Rat BFFs prove that anyone can be friends

Love knows no bounds and when two hearts join it doesn’t matter if you are a cat and a rat. When love is so strong, that’s all that matters.

Ask Galaxy and Bernie.

Galaxy is a fine tabby cat lady who loves her mother and her human sister.

Bernie is a chic rat who has the same family, with a mother and sister wrapped around his long tail.

But together they make the most of friends.

@ the_cat_and_the_rat / Instagram

Her mother said, “Bernie loves Galaxy.”

And the feeling is mutual from Galaxy.

Everywhere Galaxy goes, Bernie is safe around and usually under his big, striped friend! But how did a cat and a rat become such close friends?

Cat and rat BFFs from the start

When Bernie first got home, his mother and older sister were watching him closely as Galaxy the cat might think he was a good snack. But people faced the greatest surprises. Her older sister joked, “Galaxy wanted a girlfriend more than a snack.”

@ the_cat_and_the_rat / Instagram

Within a few weeks, the two were pretty curious about each other and met as their people paved the way. Soon it was uninterrupted playtime. Galaxy and Bernie loved Roughhouse, but they were all pretty good at keeping teeth and claws to themselves!

A good chase game quickly turned into another fun activity for the couple. And to keep it interesting, the cat and rat often switched who was hunting whom. Bet you never thought a rat would chase a cat!

@ the_cat_and_the_rat / Instagram

After playing, the two would often curl up to groom themselves. Galaxy would lick Bernie clean while the nifty rat kept the tabby’s ears nice and neat. Her older sister explained Galaxy’s maternal instinct, and Bernie’s young age helped the couple forge a perfect bond that made their family so happy.

Inspired by their unlikely love, Galaxy and Bernie’s sister asked, “If a rat and a cat can be friends, can no one be friends?”

We think so!

@ the_cat_and_the_rat / Instagram

@ the_cat_and_the_rat / Instagram

The loss of a good rat

Unfortunately, Bernie passed away not so long ago. Don’t worry, Bernie lived his full life and did not die from damage caused by Galaxy. Bernie’s memory lives on in Galaxy’s heart when the tabby never thought she could be such dear friends with a rat. She and her family shared a touching tribute to dear Bernie on Instagram: “He died while he was alive, surrounded by loving friends who appreciated his sweetness and open-minded approach to life.”

Now Galaxy has made new friends in Ratten Luna and Paris. Follow their adventures on Instagram.

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Feature Image: @ the_cat_and_the_rat / Instagram

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