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Calico Kitten Princess Living Bottle-filled dream thanks to the good fairy

The calico kitten Carla almost didn’t get the chance to be the mischievous beauty she is today.

But thanks to the person who calls Chatons Orphelins Montréal a “fairy godmother”, Carla is living the dream life of a kitten.

As a newborn kitten, barely a day old, Carla was alone and hungry. Brand new to the world, she had no way to fend for herself, so the little kitten did the only thing she could. She screamed for help, her little voice ringing loudly into the night.

When the fairy godmother heard the kitten’s screams, she ran to the bushes and saw little Carla. But she didn’t pick them up straight away. The clever woman was waiting to see if Carla’s mother would come back. When mom didn’t come back overnight for her boy, the fairy godmother rushed in and saved the kitten.

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

Newborn in need

Since Carla was so small and needed a foster mother with experience with newborn kittens, the fairy godmother helped bring Carla to the Montreal-based Cat Rescue Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

When Carla came to the rescue, Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal told Love Meow, “She was so hungry that she threw herself on the milk bottle and tried desperately to eat.”

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

Carla might be so young that she wasn’t open yet, but her appetite was working well. Soon the little one had the big, round belly of a happy kitten!

To keep this belly nice and big so that Carla can grow into a healthy cat, “her foster mother bottle-fed her every two hours.”

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

“From the beginning, the kitten loved to be close to its human and to be petted. She recognized her foster mother by her smell and kept crying for her attention and extra cuddle time. “

Like her belly, Carla’s meows were so big that they were so small!

Kitten princess

As a baby bottle singleton, Carla has gotten used to being wasted on attention. Celine shared on Facebook: “She is a little princess.”

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

And Princess Carla not only speaks loudly, but is also not afraid in life. The mischievous kitten loves to climb, explore, and play with the other cats in her foster home. “She has a great zest for life and she is not afraid of anything.”

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

But the princess has decided that she would like some extra time before letting go of the bottle. Celine said, “She’s a bottle addict. She drinks them like shooters. “

Soon Carla will have to say goodbye to her bottle while she goes home forever. Thanks to her fairy godmother and the magic of care and rescue, Carla is a kitten princess whose life has turned into a perfect fairy tale.

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Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

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Feature Image: Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

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