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Big eyes and loud voice kitten is determined to thrive after being found on top of the garden wall

A kitten with big eyes and a big voice is determined to thrive after being found on a garden wall.

Wrenn saves

The loud screams of a tiny kitten saved her life when a good Samaritan was alarmed by her screams and found her on a garden wall. They turned to Wrenn Rescues, a volunteer-run rescue group in Southern California, when the kitten’s mother never came back for them.

The kitten was very hungry and was meowing loudly for food. The tiny ball of fur showed incredible determination and strength from just a few days old. She had a strong voice that kept her going.

Ashley Kelley, a veteran Wrenn Rescue sponsor, didn’t hesitate to help. “She had screamed all night (before she was rescued). She was very hungry. I was happy to take her in,” shared Ashley.

Wrenn saves

The kitten named Beatrice clung to her bottle like a champion and peeled the food off like there was no tomorrow. After getting a full belly, she was put in her safe nest in an incubator and soundly fell asleep.

The little panther cat made it her business to grow big and strong. For the next few days she ate to her heart’s content every time she was fed and did not waste a drop of food. “She ate so much and grew like weeds,” said Ashley.

Wrenn saves

A few days later, her eyes finally opened. They were big and wide and full of wonder.

“Miss Beatrice’s eyes got bigger every day. When she looked up and really saw me for the first time, it was one of my favorite and most rewarding moments.”

Wrenn saves

The little panther kitten quickly outgrew other foster kittens in the house, even though it was younger. She was never shy of letting her voice be heard when she wanted attention or asked for her trustworthy bottle.

“She has one of the loudest voices I’ve ever heard,” said Ashley.

Wrenn saves

Beatrice had her foster mother wrapped around her finger. She stared at her human with those big doe eyes whenever she wanted extra attention or a second breakfast.

As her vision and hearing developed, the kitten discovered her micro-claws and inner sass.

Wrenn saves

At five weeks she was still mostly eyeballs and formed into a very adorable, quirky personality.

This big-eyed wonder is a natural entertainer, a mischief maker.

Wrenn saves

She has grown so much bigger than her foster friends and is turning into a playful and wild little rascal.

To help Beatrice further hone her feline skills, they introduced her to a kitten her size – another singleton named Sweet Potato.

Wrenn saves

Just like Beatrice, Sweet Potato was saved by itself and needed a feline companion.

Shortly after they met, they just hit it off and started cuddling. The two immediately bonded and began their adventures together, creating antics around the house as the perfect duo.

Wrenn saves

“Sweet Potato and Beatrice really love playing Find the Kitten with me,” said Alissa Smith, her new foster mother. “They’re getting better and better at it. And they’ll be totally silent until I find them and then I’ll be attacked.”

Beatrice and her partner in mischief thrive in caring. They enjoy playing among all the cuddly toys and running through the room with their unbridled energy.

Wrenn saves

“She’s having so much fun with him now! We’ll find a home for her together in a couple of weeks,” added Ashley.

“I am so happy that Beatrice has a buddy who is so tall and energetic.”

Wrenn saves

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