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Best winter fishing boats for every type of angler

Fishing in winter poses additional challenges for a day on the water. While winter fishing boats are not necessarily established boat types, there are certain features you need to look for that will make your winter fishing adventure more enjoyable. If you are in the winter boat market and want to do a bit of fishing, here are some features and styles to consider.

Properties of winter fishing boats

  • Shallow draft for lower winter tides
  • Higher Gunwales block wind and sea spray
  • A closed cabin to escape the cold
  • Fishing supplies such as rod holders and living spaces

Types of winter fishing boats

Cuddy Cabin

A cuddy cabin boat has an enclosed deck over the bow and a small, enclosed cabin below. This provides protection from the elements and a place to keep warm when needed. The cockpit usually has passenger seats with enough space to move around while fishing.


Who doesn’t love a houseboat? This category of winter boats can range from luxurious to practical and make for longer days on the water. Houseboats are usually completely surrounded by a rooftop deck, porch, and some modern amenities. These are great for families, but are sometimes more difficult to transport and store.

Walking around

Walkarounds are the ultimate choice for family fishing boats that are popular in many coastal areas. Their versatile design makes them ideal for cruising, but they also come with rod holders and fishing habitats. They have a small cabin, similar to a cuddy cabin, and steps to walk the entire boat across the front deck, which is great for fighting fish.

Sport fishing boat

Sport fishermen are high performance boats designed for offshore fishing and cruising and are very popular with saltwater anglers. These winter boats are equipped for fishing with a large cockpit, numerous rod holders, habitats and sometimes a fighting chair for fighting large fish. There is usually a lower deck cabin with amenities. Sport fishermen are a much higher price tag than most recreational boats but are the ultimate choice for the serious offshore angler.

Once you have purchased a boat, you must register your boat with the state just like your car. Start planning your winter fishing trip now! Check out the top five US boating destinations for your winter vacation.

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