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9 fishing tips for beginners offshore

In the world of saltwater fishing, deep sea fishing is one of the most adventurous and highly acclaimed activities you can find. The boats are bigger, the water is deeper, the fish are stronger, the hours are longer and the investment is greater; in time, money and energy. Those who invest in offshore activities tend to be in it for the long term. If you are just starting out in the offshore world, there are a few basic lake fishing tips you should know to make your time on the deep sea more efficient.

Tips for fishing in the lake

  1. Keep your fishing tackle organized on board! It will save you a headache when you find the urgent need to replace the device.
  2. Use stainless steel wire when aiming for sharp-toothed fish such as kingfish, barracuda, mackerel, and sharks.
  3. For other species, a heavy fluorocarbon guideline such as a 60 to 80 pound test should be sufficient. If the fish is pilot shy, shoot the lighter weight.
  4. When bottom fishing, use braided main lines with a test strength of 50 to 80 pounds and a leader that is longer than 20 feet. Rig with heavy lead weights to lower the bait to the bottom.
  5. For trolling, the reel should be loaded with monofilament for the main line. Use large, lip lures for trolling the deep water, or use topwater or popper lures to attract fish near the surface.
  6. Have a pitch bait rod handy to cast live bait at fish near the surface.
  7. Bucktail jigs are an offshore staple. Hold a rod with a bucktail for those moments when you need to cast quickly.
  8. Use skirts or dusters to add lifelike action to your bait.
  9. Of all tips for sea fishing rigs, it is recommended that the pre-rigging be done. Time is of the essence when you’re “in the fish” and it may be the only shot you get all day. Prepare your managers and save yourself the fingers on board.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with these important tips for sea fishing, it is time to purchase your fishing license. If you already have a license, check out more tips on sea fishing gear like deep sea knots or saltwater fishing rigs. Have fun fishing!

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