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7 kittens find friendly people who will help them thrive after being abandoned outside

Seven little kittens found help just in time and their lives were completely turned around.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

Last month, a former animal shelter from Salem Friends of Felines (in Salem, Oregon) found a litter of abandoned kittens without a mother outside. They were in poor condition, had severe upper respiratory infections and needed urgent medical attention.

She brought the litter of seven to the shelter so they could be tidied up and taken care of immediately. With the help of the staff and volunteers, the kittens were nursed back to health and ready to be taken to a nursing home.

Kayla, a Salem Friends of Felines volunteer, took her in when her current caregivers were old enough for adoption. It offered the kittens a cozy place and a warm bed to cuddle with.

“They were 4.5 to 5 weeks old. The torties are girls and the orange tabbies are boys,” Kayla shared with Love Meow.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

Kayla named her after the characters in Grease: Danny, Sandy, Frenchie, Rizzo, Kenickie, Putzie, and Sonny.

Some of the kittens came out of their shells quickly, others took time to keep their “den” safe. Sonny and Frenchie were the shyest of the group. In the first few days, they spent a lot of time outside their caretaker.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

The kittens got used to their new digs and were happy with the furnishings – warm beds, soft blankets, and a constantly supplied feed and water station.

“They got a mop and then played a bit. One of the babies climbed on my lap for a few seconds and some of them were more scared.”

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

Over the next few days, the kittens became more playful and more confident. They explored their space, checked out new toys, and even learned to be a lap cat.

This close-knit bunch stays close together. They play, eat and sleep in a sweet, cuddly puddle.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

Even the most shy babies can’t resist snuggling up with their foster mom, especially when Kayla wraps them in a comfy purrito.

“When I took them home they didn’t even come near me and now they’re playing right next to me,” added Kayla.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

The shy little tortoiseshell gets bolder every day and cuddles all day.

“We’re making slow progress. Frenchie will come close to me now and occasionally stay on my lap when I pick her up,” shared Kayla Love Meow.

When a kitten fetches a snack from the bowl, the rest of the litter follows suit, trickling from its comfortable beds to the feeding station.

“When a baby chooses to eat, everyone must eat,” said Kayla.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

These adorable kittens are natural keyboard cats. As soon as Kayla turns off a laptop, a small ball of fluff bounces up straight away, as if she wanted to offer a helping paw.

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

These adorable seven thrive in their nursing home. In a few weeks you will be ready for your next chapter in life – at home forever!

Kayla @salemfosterkittens

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