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6 things your cat really wants from you

Cats are amazing pets that can be lifelong companions for you and your family. Not only are they adorable and loyal, but also extremely independent. However, this does not mean that they do not expect anything from us at all.

Like us, they have their little wishes that can only be fulfilled by us. It can be seen through their cute but imperceptible gestures. After all, we enjoy them so much that we can certainly do them a favor.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the essential things your cat wants you the most of. By fulfilling these desires, you can also develop a strong bond with them. So let’s explore it one by one

Fresh and nutritious foods

Cats attach particular importance to hygiene and like to eat food that is not stale. In addition to tasting bad, spoiled foods are made up of harmful bacteria that can ruin your overall health. It is important to feed them fresh and nutritious cat food so that they become healthier and stronger. A diet high in essential vitamins and minerals would also give them strong immunity.

Before feeding your cats meals, check their expiration dates so that you never offer them stale foods.

A room of its own

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a room, a den, a box or a perch, cats want their own space. Sure, they like to socialize, but they also respect some privacy. They love places where they can hide and never be bothered by others for a while.

If you see your cat lounging lonely somewhere near you, try not to move it. When guests come to your home, make sure that they are not cornering your cat in any way. Only let them stroke your cat when it approaches them.

Give your cat her own space and see how she begins to trust you more.

basic needs

Of course, your cats need basic things like food, water, and a place to relieve themselves. Another thing that is of equal value to them is their need for care. While cats are great at cleaning themselves, they need help combing out knots and small debris, especially if they have long hair.

Using a good grooming brush will help keep your cat’s hair clean and reduce hair loss. Grooming also helps a lot in identifying any parasitic infestations present in cats.

Stimulate toys

Cats have this natural hunting instinct, which is why they often run after them. A great way to mimic this behavior in them is to offer some stimulating cat toys. Toys offer cats more than just exercise as they relieve stress, boredom and anxiety.

Games that involve hiding and finding the cat treats also go a long way towards keeping your mind moving. You should know that cats are intelligent beings whose brains need constant stimulation.


Although cats are very self-sufficient creatures, they need protection from their guardians. Since cats love to explore outside, their curiosity can get them in trouble from time to time. It can be a predator threat or even a risk of traffic accidents. So, as a responsible parent, you want to do whatever you can to keep your little cats safe from these unfortunate incidents.

It can be difficult for you to keep your cats indoors 24/7, so you may have to keep them outside for a while. However, you should let them in as soon as it gets dark. If your cats love fresh air all the time, install a screened area by your window or porch.

Constant love and attention

Finally and most importantly, there is nothing more precious to your cat than your constant love and attention for her. By giving them the care they need, you can also strengthen the overall bond between the two of you. You will see, the more you pay your attention, the happier you will be.

Your cats may love you unconditionally, but you may just have problems with the sights. Don’t be surprised if your cat cuddles you even more when you show them your love.


You have just seen the little things your cat wants from you the most. If you can meet these, you can build strong relationships with them. Your cat can express love through purring, grunting, scratching, and even rolling over. Give your cat what she needs and watch her show her love for you.

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