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5 ways to fish help conserve freshwater habitats

While you may not realize it, every time you fish you play an important role in protecting our freshwater habitats and bodies of water. These freshwater ecosystems include various types of habitats required for fish to spawn, breed, feed, and grow. Preserving these ecosystems is incredibly important because fish could not survive without them.

Check out five specific ways that fishing is helping conserve our freshwater habitats.

  1. The income from freshwater fishing licenses goes into water protection. Every time you buy or renew your government fishing license, the funds generated from the sale are invested in a foundation to support the long-term protection of the fishery and our aquatic resources. For example, the state of Florida receives approximately $ 12 million annually to support freshwater and saltwater fishing programs and improve boating opportunities. These programs are funded 25% from government funds from recreational fishing license fees and 75% from recreational fish recovery funds.

  2. Excise duties on fishing tackle and gear contribute to the trust fund for recreation and boating of sport fish. When you stock up on fishing tackle and gear, portions of an excise duty go into the above-mentioned recreational fish recovery and boating trust fund. This fund contributes to government conservation projects that help keep our fish populations healthy through fish surveys, population efforts, and educational fishing initiatives.

  3. Boat registration fees help fund aquatic resource improvements and clean water initiatives. Many anglers enjoy the experience of freshwater fishing from a boat. When you register your boat, the funds generated from the boat registration fees help implement clean water projects that benefit our freshwater habitats and improve the general fishing experience (e.g. improvements to the public boat ramp or additional trailer parking).

  4. When you go fishing, you will be briefed on fishing regulations and the reasons for ethical fishing for conservation purposes. Once you understand how regulations and fishing ethics play a huge role in maintaining healthy living spaces, you can help by sharing this information with newbies to the sport.

  5. Your fishing memories and experiences will encourage you to protect what you love. The more time you spend driving out a line and fishing with your family, the better you will understand the need to protect our freshwater ecosystems and fisheries. One of the most important facts about freshwater habitat to consider is that our planet’s freshwater ecosystems make up less than 0.01% of the planet’s total surface area, but support more than 100,000 species of plants and animals. This is a good reason to stand up for the preservation of your favorite freshwater habitats by participating in a waterway rehabilitation or volunteering for an improvement project through your government agency.

Now that you have a better understanding of how fishing helps preserve freshwater habitats, buy or renew your freshwater license online and get out on the water.

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