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5 top spots for inshore fishing in Hawaii

While some may initially consider this chain of Pacific islands an offshore fishing destination, Hawaii has plenty of parks and piers where you can fish on land as well. Check out this list of accessible favorites if you’re planning a visit to the islands and want to try a few fishing spots on the Hawaiian coast.

1. Spencer Beach Park, Big Island of Hawaii

One of the top parks on the Big Island. Spencer Beach Park features soft sand, shady palm trees, a picnic pavilion, campground, and beach fishing spots – the perfect spot for a family fishing weekend.

2. Keahou Harbor, Big Island of Hawaii

This is another family-friendly destination on the Hawaiian coast. Seasoned anglers can fish from the pier using natural baits such as sardines or ballyhoo for a chance at an ulua (giant mackerel). Beginners can head to the rock face to catch angelfish, yellow cones, and manini.

3. Hanalei Pier, Kauai

If you’re wondering where to go fishing from the shore on the island of Kauai, Hanalei Pier is a great place to start. This is especially the case during the summer months when the bigeye scad arrives in the area. Large predatory species such as ulua and amberjack feed on these bait fish, increasing your chances of an unforgettable catch.

4. Black Rock, Maui

When it comes to fishing in Hawaii, Black Rock on the island of Maui is a place not to be missed. This is a black lava peninsula that is on the north end of Kaanapali Beach. In addition to being a popular fishing spot, snorkelers are common at Black Rock for underwater insights into species such as mackerel and triggerfish.

5. Kaena Point State Park, Oahu

This is a relatively secluded park that encompasses much of the coastline along the northwest corner of Oahu. Kaena Point is a place for those looking to deep sea fishing due to the extreme depth drop in Hawaii. If you want to target an ulua (giant mackerel) from the shore, it is difficult to find a better place on Oahu to do so.

If you haven’t tried saltwater fishing off the shores of the Hawaiian Islands, you might be surprised to find out that a marine recreational license is not required. However, you will need a Hawaii fishing license if you want to fish any of the freshwater lakes in the Hawaiian Islands.

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