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5 Halloween activities for kids

Whether you and your kids are staying home because of bad weather or the pandemic, here are five Halloween activities for kids to make the scariest night of the year less scary … but just as fun as usual!

Fishing for candy

Of all the fun things to do with kids on Halloween, this cool game creates two of your favorites: fishing and candy! If you’re looking for some original Halloween activities at home, sit on the sofa with your kids and toss them from the yard with just a few sticks, a piece of string, tiny magnets, and metal paper clips to get you through wrapped Halloween -Slide candy. You will love trying your fresh catch of the day, just like you would on the water! Speaking of which, be sure to pack candy for your fall boating adventures!

Bake Halloween Candy Cookies

You’ve probably already bought candy, and probably too much of it. One of the most delicious Halloween activities at home is turning those excess candy into Halloween candy cookies by adding fun snickers or mini peanut butter cups into your favorite cookie dough recipe. After baking, you and your kids have a new way to try and celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt

Why should the Easter Bunny get all the glory of the scavenger hunt? Stay home safe and play a Halloween candy hunt this year. Let each child choose their favorite candy and then use just those tags / bars to hide ten each inside and out. The first child to find all of their candy wins and can eat as much as they want (okay, maybe not, but reward the winner with an extra piece of Halloween candy!). Here you will find more indoor activities for children who love the outdoors.

Pumpkin stress balls

If you’re looking for kids Halloween activities that will pay off long after the candy has been consumed, make pumpkin stress balls! If the hybrid / online school tuition this fall is getting too much for parent and child alike, squeeze cute jack-o-lantern stress balls out of orange balloons with triangular eyes and teeth drawn in black pencil and filled with corn kernels .

Room by room trick or treat

If October 31st is a total bankruptcy this year, move the trick or treatment indoors. Set up a candy station in every door of your house and let your adorable costumed children roam the house knocking on doors and collecting their candy (each door has different options to mimic the multiple modes of transportation they normally get from the different houses outside) is one of the funniest things to do with kids on Halloween, and the next best thing after traditional trick or treating.

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