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4 books to read (or give as a gift) this Christmas season

Looking for a new book? Here are some of our favorite books to read or give away as gifts this Christmas season.

Working from home with a cat
If you’re one of the many people who have had to work from home, you’ve most likely noticed that cats can distract employees – stepping on your keyboard, knocking things off your desk, and interrupting video calls. This fun book takes you through a day in the life of the artist Heidi Moreno and her cat Peanut. From the minute she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed in the evening, she has to work with her needy but lovable companion while Peanut goes over her pictures and eats her chair. Despite the struggle, cats like Peanut are always there when we need them, reminding us why they are the cutest companions and a source of comfort in these chaotic times. Published by Chronicle Books.

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Impressionist cats

Artist Susan Herbert’s irresistible illustrated volume of her cat versions of famous paintings will appeal to both cat and art lovers. Whether they’re playing a quiet card game, going to ballet, or boating on a river – these cats convey the playfulness, melancholy, and vitality of the Impressionist painters. Here’s just a foretaste: Cats walking among Monet’s wild poppies, sitting in Mary Cassatt’s private box at the opera and enjoying a Sunday dance at Renoir’s Bougival. When I looked through the book I couldn’t find a favorite – all the pictures are an absolute delight! Published by Thames & Hudson.

PS I love you more than tuna

While the theme is on the grave (mourning a companion cat), it is the first illustrated gift book on the loss of pets and celebrates the often whimsical connection between humans and cats. The idea for the book started after the 20-year-old cat of the author Sarah Chauncey, Hedda, died in 2016. Her friend Francis Tremblay (whose illustrations appear in the book) sent her a drawing along with a note “from” Hedda that ended, “ps I love you more than tuna.” The note inspired Sarah to write a book about the loss she was feeling and start a Facebook community (which now has nearly 27,000 members) where users can freely talk about pet loss and the range of emotions, that they feel. The book gives us the opportunity to offer noticeable comfort to loved ones during the period of mourning and celebrates the special bond we have with our cat friends – their love for us and ours for them never ceases. Check out the Facebook page @morethantuna. Published by Sounds True.

Snowball christmas

Just in time for the holiday season, this warm and uplifting novel by Kristen McKanagh is about a cute and sassy ball of fluff determined to find her home forever. The book is about Lukas, a globetrotter who returns to his hometown to visit his sick aunt, who owns a Victorian bed and breakfast. The heroine of the novel, Emily, works in the kitchen of the B & B but longs to open her own bakery. Lukas wants to sell the B&B so that his aunt can retire. As they collide, a little bundle of cat fluff named Snowball happily living there is sure this B&B and these people are meant to be their home forever. So the precocious white kitten conspires to bring these two stubborn people together – while keeping their home. Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.

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