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3 tied kittens have their dream come true after weeks of waiting

Three tied kittens had made their dream come true after waiting weeks for the right home.

It all started when a skinny stray cat went out to dinner at a family’s yard this summer and kept coming back. The homeowner soon noticed that her belly was growing and suspected she was pregnant.

Stef and Johanne, animal rescuers from Montreal, Canada, came forward to help and were able to get the expectant mother cat to safety. At this point, she was near the end of her pregnancy and needed safe protection.

After a trip to a veterinary clinic, they brought her home so that she could have a quiet and comfortable place for her kittens.

Orphanage Montreal

The cute tabby ate to her heart’s content and then curled up in her comfortable new nest. She was finally able to relax and turn a much-needed blind eye.

Stef and Johanne took turns looking after her to prepare for the birth. A few days later the cat went into labor.

Orphanage Montreal

It was a difficult task for the young mother, but thanks to her caretakers who were there to assist her with this process, she gave birth to a small portion of three healthy mini tabbies.

The kittens, all boys, were named Leelo, Elijah and Jasper. They drew closer to each other and always huddled together in a delightful heap of mustaches. They were so pleased when they had their arms around each other.

Orphanage Montreal

The cute tabby mother looked after them until they were weaned and big enough to spread their wings and fly the nest on their own. The trio ventured out and waddled around in a tight-knit powder. They tried to imitate each other when they played and wrestled in a puddle of fluffy cuteness.

The three brothers were always in sight of each other. They would start crying if they weren’t together for too long.

Orphanage Montreal

Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue operation, was contacted to help the small family so that they could be checked, neutered, and neutered and find a good home.

The former stray cat was ready to retire from motherhood when her kittens were big enough. “She has found a family to look after and is being neutered and adopted,” said Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal Love Meow.

Check out the kittens and their journey in this cute video:

Stray cat and her three kittens www.youtube.com

Marielyne, a volunteer caregiver, took care of the related brothers. The kittens quickly got used to their new home, explored every corner together and claimed the scratching post as their own.

“The brothers share an incredibly strong bond. They are very close and do everything together,” shared Celine Love Meow.

Orphanage Montreal

“Leelo is the quietest of the three, but he will run from one end of the house to the other with his brothers. Jasper is very loving and a loud purr machine.

“He likes to talk to people when he’s not playing with his brothers. Elijah is a sweetheart and always likes to be around his brothers.”

Orphanage Montreal

The three buddies scurry around the house during the day and curl up in a cuddly puddle near their people at night. “They also like to cuddle up in cozy places and climb up the scratching post together.”

They have different personalities that go so well together. When it came time to offer them a forever home, Rescue hoped the right family would open their hearts to this unbreakable trio.

Orphanage Montreal

After weeks of waiting, Leelo, Elijah and Jasper had made their dream come true. One family fell in love with the kittens and knew they had to adopt all three so they would never be separated.

“These kittens are the lucky ones. Their mother was saved just in time for them to be born in a safe home,” said Celine.

Orphanage Montreal

The three brothers will continue their adventures together in what they call home.

Orphanage Montreal

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