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3 reasons to try Texas jetty fishing

Texas has excellent fishing opportunities. Freshwater fishing in Texas is famous for massive largemouth bass, catfish, and alligatorgar, to name a few species. But if you’re looking for saltwater fish without exaggerating, there are over 3,000 miles for inshore fishing in Texas. And one of the best ways to get started is fishing in Texas. Here’s why:

Deeper water

Shore fishing or surfing can be great, but sometimes having access to deeper water is helpful for catching cooperative fish. And yes, bigger fish can lurk in deeper water. Boats provide the best mobility for locating the bite with hot fish anywhere, but you won’t get seasick jetty fishing.


There are always some fish nearby at the docks in Texas. If you’ve ever ripped rap along a dam in a similar manner, these long, man-made stone piles create a considerable surface area to start the algae food chain. Soon after, shellfish, snails, crabs and the like show up, and then opportunistic fish are right behind them.


Sometimes waves are good for fueling the fish bite. However, too much chop creates difficult fishing conditions. Below any list of jetting fishing tips, there is the other side to consider. There is often a difference not only in the wave motion, but also in the current. Although anglers fish in a relatively small area, anglers can find a wide range of fishing conditions at the docks.

Pier fishing in Texas is an opportunity to meet up with a variety of fish species such as black drum, redfish, and sheep’s head. Standard saltwater rigs with baits such as shrimp, mullet, or octopus may need to be adjusted so they don’t get stuck on rocks for the best dock fishing. Before heading to Galveston Jetty, check conditions by possibly checking a nearby online streaming pier camera and ensure that your Texas fishing license is Saltwater or All Water – Includes options.

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