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3 legged kitten grabs friendly woman’s hand and insists on going home with her

A three-legged kitten was holding onto a woman’s hand and would not let go of it.


Ahsen, from Istanbul, Turkey, was at her veterinary clinic when she came across a three legged kitten.

The tabby was found with a badly injured leg after an accident on the street. She was taken to an animal shelter and later taken to a veterinary clinic for amputation when they realized that her leg could not be saved.

“I went up to her and she was caged in a cast. She tried to grab my hand with her little front paw like she didn’t want me to go,” Ahsen told Love Meow.

“They told me the kitten would not return to the shelter and would need a home after treatment.”


Ahsen left the clinic that day but couldn’t stop thinking about the kitten. All of their cats at home are rescue workers and some have special needs.

“I always thought of her and couldn’t get her out of my head. So I decided to go back to see her and if she was still there I would adopt her and do my best to give her the best of life give what she deserves. “


A few days later the kitten was reunited with Ahsen, now her forever human human. She cuddled her face in Ahsen’s hand first and purred a storm. “We called her Ekim, which means October in Turkish,” Ahsen told Love Meow.

The cute kitten was so happy to be at home and to be held by her favorite person. She put her front paw on her human’s hand and immediately fell asleep. “She was very loving and happy from the start.”


Ahsen kept the kittens company all day and made sure they were loved. “She would cry if she was alone, so I put a blanket around her like a burrito and she felt safe.”

Ekim continued to heal and was delighted by everyone in the family. She preferred to always be cuddled and held Ahsen’s hands when she slept at night.


As the kitten got better and stronger, she learned to walk with her three legs again. Though Ekim still wore a cast, nothing would stop her and insist on doing anything a four-legged cat would do.

“She traveled the house alone for the first time and even used the litter box by herself.”


Check out the kitten and its journey in this video:

Ekim the three-legged cat www.youtube.com

After her cast was removed, Ekim was so excited that she scurried around the house as if she owned it.

She slipped into a fluffy bed, rolled over on her back and felt the whole fabric with her cast-free body.


Ekim is very sociable and extremely playful. She can run away from other four-legged kittens and climb and jump like a pro.

“All the other house cats have taken them in as their own, especially Hayko, the paralyzed cat. They always hang out,” said Ahsen.


The tripod kitten really bonded with Hayko, who is paralyzed from the waist down. With her encouragement, Hayko was more active and playful than ever.

The two share an amazing chemistry, as if they understood each other.


It has been over two months since Ekim found her at home forever.

She has grown into a happy, healthy, energetic tabby cat and has found a large family that she adores down to the smallest detail. Having three legs doesn’t slow them down a bit.


“She is my little one-winged angel, the dearest cat I have ever seen in my life,” Ahsen told Love Meow.


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