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11 breeds of cats who don’t mind water or who swim

What’s one of the most common facts people know about cats?

Cats don’t like water.

And while it’s true that most cats don’t enjoy bathing or swimming, there are some breeds of cats that enjoy spending time in the water.

But why don’t cats generally like water?

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Lambert Wang, co-founder of Cat Person and foster parents of over a dozen cats that have since found homes forever, said, “Cats groom each other with constant, regular licking, which prevents oils from building up on their fur.”

That said, they have their own built-in bathing mechanism that keeps them from needing soapy water showers that keep people clean. Unless they are caught in some kind of disaster that, due to the cat’s curiosity, must happen from time to time.

But because cats don’t need a lot of fluids for bathing, “their coats aren’t very waterproof, so they get very cold and feel heavy when wet, which is why many of them don’t like it!”

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There are domesticated cats who take care of their big cat cousins ​​and don’t care about a good bath. “Cats who like water can be those with more water-resistant coats or those who were exposed to water early as kittens.”

These 11 cat breeds are known for having fun around the water!

Eleven cat breeds that love water

# 1 – Abyssinian

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Georgia Veterinary Associates lists the Abyssinian as an “alert, curious, and busy” breed that likes to show off and flee. Her inquisitive nature and intelligence make it unsurprising that this lovely cat loves to explore a water source. And during the shedding season, those busy cats may love a warm bath!

# 2 – Bengal

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Bengali cats love water, it’s that simple. These highly active cats love bathing time by the pool and can even follow you into the shower. To encourage a Bengal cat to play in the water, Fluffy Planet recommends: “Fill the water tub up to a few inches and watch your kitten let it go in the water.” Don’t let the water get too hot or too hot getting too cold!

# 3 – Maine Coon

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Another cat that will shower with you is the Maine Coon. These large, fluffy cats have “thick, dense, water-resistant coats that can keep them warm in freezing temperatures and keep them dry when walking through snow or ice,” says Maine Coon Expert. Thanks to the waterproof fur, Maine Coons find water a fun adventure for their exploration nature. In addition, these gentle giants have a natural “instinct to splash or swirl the water into their bowls to check its freshness”.

# 4 – Norwegian Forest Cat

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It is rumored that these “fairy cats” are the descendants of the powerful cats that kept rats in check on Viking ships. However, what has been proven in the Norwegian forest cat is their love for water. Their two-layer coats keep them dry when they go swimming occasionally.

# 5 – American bobtail

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When it comes to the American bobtail, VetStreet.com warns of malice: “Don’t be surprised if the American bobtail dips its toys in its water bowl. You have to stay on top of this busy cat who will have no problem with water if it gets in their way!

# 6 – Japanese bobtail

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Like its cousin, the American bobtail, the Japanese bobtail also has a fascination for water. But you will find them a little more reluctant, maybe just dip in a paw to examine what they can find in your water glass. And because this playful cat is smart, “they can often turn on the faucet themselves to have some fun.”

# 7 – Manx

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Hailing from the Isle of Man, the Manx cat remembers in its DNA how it cushioned the salty banks. Many people consider the Manx to be a cat for dog lovers because of its willingness to drive and swim.

# 8 – Savannah Cat

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Savannah cats look like their ancestors and love to swim to chat. Get this smart, high-energy cat her own little paddling pool to keep boredom at bay. You will think you have a little cat rushing for your place!

# 9 – Turkish angora

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The Turkish Angora is attracted to flowing water and loves to swim. Adventure Cats even reports, “Turkish Angoras have even been known to paddle outdoors in shallow ponds and streams.” But don’t worry about their long, silky coats turning into a tangle. By combing them regularly, Turkish Angora cats keep the silkyest fur, even if they can’t tell from the water!

# 10 – Turkish van

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The Turkish Van based in Lake Van in Eastern Turkey loves to swim. These silky-coated fluff are swimmers thanks to their long and slim bodies “with muscular broad shoulders and chest”. But keep the bathroom door closed as these crafty cats will flush toilets and turn on taps.

# 11 – Siberian cat

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Siberian cats come from cold and snowy Russia and, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, are suitable for the climate “with their very dense, medium to long, water-repellent triple coat”. And it is good that they like to play in water as their fluffy fur can benefit from bathing so it doesn’t get tangled. The bath will be beneficial and fun for the Siberians.

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