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11 apps for cats and their parents

It’s not just people who like their screen time. Some cats enjoy playing time on a device just as much as we do.

And as devoted minions, we want to give our cats the great life they deserve, and that includes downloading the best apps for cats wanting their digital playtime. We’ve put together a list of some of the most helpful and fun cat apps out there for you.

Most of these apps are free to download, with the option to make in-app purchases. However, some of them have minimal cost. The fun these apps offer seems well worth the cost.

Let your thumbs work and download these apps for cats!

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11 apps for cats and their parents

Animal health and first aid apps

Cat lovers strive to keep their kitty angels healthy and happy, and these cat health and safety apps will help!


Keep track of your cat’s medical records, medication doses, and even your cat’s grooming schedule with this handy pet grooming app. You even get notifications to remind you of appointments and when to buy more cat food! PetDesk also works closely with veterinary teams so you can stay in touch with your cat’s medical care team. The main goal of this app is to help your cat live their best and healthiest life.

Free download for iOS or Android

ASPCA Animal Venom Control Center

Cats known for their curiosity need to get into trouble at times. The APCC by ASPCA app can help you avoid passport issues by knowing what foods, plants, and other household items are toxic to cats so you can keep them out of the reach of kittens. And if there are problems, this app puts you in touch with poison control experts.

Free download for iOS or Android

First aid for pets

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app is a cat safety app that allows you to manage care in an emergency. It is a must for your devices. Learn what is normal for cats when it comes to basic vital signs and know that this first aid app can help you in many unexpected situations when your cat’s health is a concern.

Free download for iOS or Android

best apps for cats
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Find lost cats

Find the rover

It is a disaster when our furry loved ones are missing and we often don’t know what to do first. But one of your first steps can be Finding Rover. If your cat is missing, Finding Rover can help you find it thanks to facial recognition. Upload a photo to this free app to find lost pets. When someone takes a picture of your missing cat, you will receive a notification.

Free download for iOS and Android

Apps for cats
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Playtime apps for cats

Fortifying cats is important in keeping your cat feeling fit and well at any age. Playtime that stimulates the mind and body is key to happy cats, and these fun apps for cats will bring them joy. Bring some cat game apps to your kitten!

Painting for cats

Paint for Cats is only available for the iPad and allows your cat to give free rein to her artistic side. Your kitten hits a mouse that runs across the screen and color follows the movement. After a session, you can print and hang your cat’s artwork.

Download for iOS

Mouse for cats

The mouse for cats app will keep your cat’s mind and paws sharp as it beats the mice that scurry across the screen. And when those brightly colored rodents start squeaking, get ready for a kitty frenzy. With nearly a dozen different skins for the digital mice, this cat game app will be a favorite for you and your techie cat.

Download for iOS or Android

Cat snapshots

This app gives your cat the power of selfies! Get ready for your cat’s adorable stream in action as she poses and plays in front of the camera. Cat Snaps entices your cat to pan the screen and the touch of its paw triggers the camera. And voilà, you have cat selfies to check out!

Download for iOS or Android

Cat apps games
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interaction with your cat

Cat sounds dog translator

Cat Sounds Dog Translator is a cat app for iOS and features a clicker for training, as well as a range of squeaky toy sounds to get your cat’s attention. There’s also a human-to-cat translator tab for lots of silly fun with your cat. Don’t stress your cat if it doesn’t like the sounds of other cats meowing in the translator part of the app. Stick to the clickers and squeaks.

Download for free on iOS

Cat training

Cat Training is a cat app for Android that will help you teach your cat how to best behave. With tips and advice on common cat training issues, you’ll be able to cross your cat in and out of the cat flap or enjoy grooming sessions in no time. This cat training app can also help you think more like a cat when it comes to making your home the most cat-friendly place on the block.

Download for free for Android

Cat game app
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Fun cat apps for you

My talking pet

This app promises cat times hours of good times! Upload a photo of Kitty and give them the power of language! You can let your furry family member say whatever you want. Then share your delightful message with the world.

Download for free for iOS or Android

Weather kitty

Make your weather reports fun with these adorable weather cats! The pictures change based on the time and weather conditions and you can even add photos of your own cat to this fun cat themed app.

Free download for iOS or Android

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