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10 Fall Outdoor Activities Ideas For National Take a Hike Day

With cooler temperatures and changing autumn colors, many of us are thinking about ideas for outdoor activities for the fall season. What could be nicer than putting on your favorite hoodie, breathing in the crisp autumn air and hearing the sound of leaves crunching under your feet?

With Tuesday November 17th being National Take a Hike Day, it’s time to put on hiking boots or boots and explore the area. If you’re looking for new ideas for autumn outdoor activities, this list can help you find new, fun hiking trails to explore.

  1. Hike to your favorite fishing spot. Bring a portable travel fishing rod and take a stroll to a nearby lake or pond to catch a bluegill or bass. Summer isn’t the only time to get a line wet. Fishing is one of the most popular fall outdoor activities for families.
  2. Navigate a fun corn maze. Take a trip into a classic corn maze. Check with the local farms for a maze near you and get ready for one of the ultimate family-friendly outdoor activities this fall.
  3. Take a camping trip in the fall. Find a state park with some hiking trails, pitch your tent, and stay for a few days to enjoy the crisp fall weather and changing colors on an fall hike.
  4. Visit a local nature reserve and take a guided hiking trail. Outdoor activities that teach you something new about local natural ecosystems will encourage you to be more deeply respectful of conservation. Take a trip to a nearby nature reserve and find out if there are tours offered by a professional naturalist. Make it an educational day out by giving the whole family an opportunity to learn about plant identification and ecology.
  5. Plan an afternoon picking apples. Stroll through an apple orchard and spend an autumn day picking apples. Whenever you think about fun things to do outside, remember that the best part of the apple harvest is that you can take home fresh apples for fall recipes. BONUS!
  6. Since autumn is sunflower time, take a trip to the nearest sunflower field. Wander through the yellow blooms as you soak in the fall sunshine. Not only is a stroll through the sunflowers one of the best outdoor activities for fall, it’s also a great place to snap some family photos.
  7. Stroll through the local farmers market and get the freshest autumn fruits and vegetables. Take a thermos of hot apple cider with you and have a sip while you walk.
  8. Go on a fall scavenger hunt. Be sure to include acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, migratory birds, colored leaves, and squirrels.
  9. Lie up and plan a nighttime stroll to watch the fall meteor showers. Stargazers and aspiring astronomers love such outdoor activities. Look for a place in the country, away from the bright city lights, and keep your eyes peeled for meteor showers. The next period of Leonid meteor shower activity will peak on the nights of November 16-17, 2020.
  10. Stroll to a nearby pumpkin patch. Gather the family and visit a local pumpkin farm to pick the perfect Thanksgiving pumpkin. Have your favorite pumpkin pie recipe ready!

Now that you have lots of outdoor activity ideas that are a perfect fit for National Take a Hike Day, it’s time to get outside and get started.

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